Clue Helper for Windows 8
Description: Clue Helper is an app that performs the logic involved in the classic game Clue Master Detective when you enter the results of a guess or a card you have been shown.
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Starting a New Game
To start a new game:
A new game will be started when the app is opened for the first time or player names have not yet been entered. If you have already started a new game and wish to start a new one, open the App Bar by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and tapping the New Game button.
Entering Player Names & Card Counts
To enter player names:
When a new game is started, you must enter the names of each of the players. You should enter your name as the first one in the list, because this is the player for whom you will specify the cards dealt.
To enter the number of cards dealt:
For each player, you must specify the number of cards they received (this value is used in the logic performed during the game). The total number of cards for all players will always add up to 27. The Continue button will be disabled until you have entered valid values for all players.
Specifying Dealt Cards
To specify the cards you have been dealt:
After all player names have been entered, you must specify what cards you have been dealt at the beginning of the game. At the top of the screen, you will see a message indicating how many cards you were dealt followed by a list of checkboxes and a Start Game button. Select the checkbox for each card you have been dealt. The Start Game button will be disabled until you select or if you select more cards than specified.
Entering Guesses & Specific Data
Entering guesses:
When a guess is made during the game, you can enter that guess by selecting the suspect, room, and weapon from the dropdown lists and specifying whether each player indicated that they do or do not have one of those cards. You can also specify that a response was not given by one of the players. After entering this information, click the Submit Guess button.
Entering specific data:
When you are shown a card during the game, you can enter that data by specifying which player showed you the card and what the card was by using the dropdown lists. After selecting the player and card, click the Submit Data button.