AdRotator Control
The AdRotator control creates a clickable image that periodically changes. The control allows you to specify the frequency of the change and whether it is to another random image and link or whether it enumerates through the images and links in the order they are listed. All code used to rotate through the images and links is written in JavaScript. The AdRotator also generates JavaScript that preloads the images to avoid delay when displaying them. Images and link URLs can be specified as part of the control using RotatorAds as child controls or by specifying an XML file.
Data From
XML File:
Data From RotatorAd
Child Controls:

Properties & Methods
AdRotatorThe AdRotator is a simple control that generates a clickable image that periodically changes the displayed image and the URL that it will take you to
  • Ads - The List of RotatorAds obtained from either the XML file or child controls
  • Height - The height, in pixels, of the image
  • Interval - The amount of time, in milliseconds, between image and URL changes (default="1750")
  • RandomOrder - A Boolean value specifying whether the images and URLs should be displayed sequentially or in random order (default="False")
  • TargetBlank - A Boolean value that specifies whether or not clicking the image will open in a new browser window (default="False")
  • Width - The width, in pixels, of the image
  • XMLFileName - The XML file that contains the images and URLs. If not specified, the AdRotator will look for child controls of type RotatorAd
  • XMLRotatorID - A String value specifying which of the AdRotator elements in the specified XML file to use. If not specified, the first one will be used
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